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Our Primary goal is to build the singer’s voice to its maximum potential. In this process, we tap into ways to find balance in all areas of the artist’s life. Art and creativity are never safe and confined, however the artist will function at their highest level by being in tune with the core of who they are.

This vision was birthed out of VL Founder Jason Catron’s move to LA in 2011. As he was searching for ways to expand his creative imprint on the world of coaching, he started to tap into his newfound love of California healthy eating and yoga. While sitting in the dermatologist office one day, he noticed that the building was like a mini-mall of doctors, skin treatment and beauty offices with one central reception. In that moment, he had a clear vision for what he wanted the Vocal Lab to become. The Vocal Lab Collective is a major step into the bigger vision of a future facility currently under construction that will be a space for the singer’s mind, body and soul. We can’t wait to be able to share with you the plans for the Vocal Lab LA. It will be a vocal retreat unlike any other in the world.

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Jason has an uncanny way of seeing what's preventing you from singing your best. It could be the lies you've told yourself about what you can and cannot do, or maybe it's the way you're physically using your body. Whatever it is (big or small), Jason will get to the root of what you do well or what is hindering your success and help you achieve your goals. I can not recommend him highly enough.

Christopher David

Jason is one of the best coaches in the industry. I've learnt so much from him! He has a great understanding of vocal technique and also style to make you sound individual yet still true to who you are! The proof is in his voice, and Jason can sing anything! He also just happens to be one of the nicest people I've ever met too.


Jason is not only a master of his craft, he is also a master of teaching his craft and coaching singers to be the best they can be. He is kind, patient, and cares about the results just as much as you do - but also about your growth as a person. Can't recommend him highly enough!


I can tell you that he is coached people that of been on the voice people of been dancing with the stars actors etc. the sky has the real deal of coaching voicing lessons. If you're ever interested or have a family member please contact him because we can do it via Internet or in person. And if you just want to hear what he sounds like just Google Jason Catron. He does his own music to and he is incredible.


If you are considering improving your vocal skills there is no one that I would ever ask you to consider more than Jason Catron He his brilliant and his craft and he will make you feel extremely comfortable. He is extremely kind and caring.


Everyone Jason trains benefits from learning some amazing techniques. It's no wonder he has so many long term clients, Jason's talent and passion is undeniable soon as you meet him! Highly recommend anyone looking to improve skills to give Jason a try.


Jason is a top notch vocal coach! He is incredible at what he does and I wholeheartedly recommend him.

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