Jason Catron

Los Angeles / Nashville

Jason Catron began singing at the age of 2. His first song was "Jesus Loves Me" at his small church in Kentucky where he grew up. His parents recognized his natural gift for singing and enrolled him in formal voice lessons by the age of 7. The next year Jason started singing professionally. He continued singing all through his formative years in churches, political events, musical theater productions, and touring regionally doing solo shows.

Eventually he enrolled at Belmont University in Nashville where he studied Music Business. After college he spent a few years working in artist management until one day he decided to quit his day job and pursue music full time. The very next day, he was asked to sing on the "Hour of Power" at the then famous Crystal Cathedral where he went on to become the biggest selling artist for the Cathedral. Jason spent the next few years touring as a solo artist all over the world by making a name for himself as a well beloved tenor.

Jason's coaching career began when his beloved coach and friend, Brett Manning, encouraged him to sit under his mentorship. Jason eventually worked his way up to Master Associate for Singing Success and decided to move to Los Angeles to open a satellite office for Brett. Quickly he found himself as one of LA's go-to coaches working with notable names like Keifer Sutherland, Candace Cameron, LANY, Why Don't We, Deby Ryan, Shawn White and Poppy.

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Jason’s heart is to encourage everyone he meets…

In 2010, Jason was asked to become part of a newly formed tenor group based in Victoria, BC, Tenore. During his time with Tenore, they recorded 3 studio albums, performed on countless TV shows, entertained over 250,000 fans, and won 4 Canadian Covenant Awards. In 2016, Jason left tenor to spend some much needed time off the road and give attention to his highly successful vocal coaching and artist development company based in Los Angeles, CA, The Vocal Lab LA.

Today you will find him spending countless hours developing new talent from LA to Norway. He is also in the process of recording a new full length album returning to his roots as a Crooner. Whether coaching or performing, Jason’s heart is to encourage everyone he meets, and having toured in some of the greatest venues from Vancouver to the Vatican, you will be inspired by Jason’s velvety vocals and gift for performing.

Other Indie artists Jason has worked with are Chris Jobe, Joel Huemann, Struan Sheilds, Brasko, Liam Grae, Daniel Owen, Neda, Raylee, Mentum and Lizzie Sider.

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